Monday, 22 March 2010

Not Long Now

It isn't long til the hand on on the 5th!! eek.

Here is a list of the projects I have worked on that are going towards my FMP:

1. MayDaz Music Video
2. Ozzie B Music Video
3. Kiesher/LiLi
4. Tipsy Dee shoot (magazine/club promo)
5. Kate Moss Book ( 3 shoots so far- Sleeping Beauty, Mad Hatters and Narnia)
6. Shoot with Emma Bell Clothing
7. Future of Fashion

Coming up...

1. Another shoot with Kate Moss.. no actually two shoots. one is Minnie Mouse themed and the other is Snow White
2. Try Stevens Music Video
3. Poss another music video
4. Various student shoots ( still and moving image)
5. Graduate Fashion Show

I think will be enough if I have enough work to show. I need to consider how I'm going to present my FMP. it doesn't really flow through my sketchbook. I want every project to be seperate with its own front cover, then the brief, planning, on the day, final images,, evaluation etc.

To Do!!!!!.....
1. Statement of intent! I still havent done this becuase isn't that what the proposal was for :/
2. Online portfolio. I think im going to use wordpress or wix for this.
3. collect images for printing for port construction
4. buy portfolio

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