Friday, 26 February 2010

This industry is a let down!

I know I get some great opportunities but it get some really knock backs as well!

I've had three recently.. The first being a shopping channel that sells jewellery. They asked me to go and do make-up and then cancelled on the day due to family problems. The second is for DISORDER Magazine; the fashion editor has postponed twice now due to 'family problems' haha. The third fail is from Boots magazine. I've been working with Kiesher AKA LiLi which is meant to be an ongoing project and she asked me to do the make-up for an interview she was doing for Boots magazine and I said yes obviously, but then the night before she called and said I couldn't do it! She had obviously showed them the work we have been doing together and they thought it was too over the top and it wouldn't suit the magazine. Thats fair enough but thats what Kiesher asked me to do.. I can do natural make-up as well! So all in all I am not feeling too positive right now.

I did however work on an awesome shoot yesterday. I did the make-up for a fantasy story book shoot being put together by Kate Moss, modelled by Emily Giles, photographed by Ellie Harvey. This particular story was Sleeping Beauty and the atyling and set was really dreamlike and beautiful. Reminded me of the Vera Wang Princess TV ad and also Nick Knight's 'Sleep' project, where he filmed 9 top models 'unconcious fashion performances'.

Here is my make-up design...

love love love these images!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Ozzie B, Lethal B and loads of other peeps & Kiesher

So yesterday I worked on another music video, it was pretty last minute but I couldn't turn down such a good opportunity.

I got up at 5am to go down to london. Got to the venue at about 9, it was such a mission! There wasn't much organisation; literally about 50 girls queuing up to get their make-up done. There was 5 mua's including myself. We could do whatever we wanted really which was good except all the girls wanted false lashes and they don't even consider how you're not getting paid and how much false lashes cosy! Haha. Ahh well..

It will look really good on my CV and I can't wait to see the video.

This make-up design shows what kind of make-up I was doing on the models. Since it was shot in a club and had quite a glamorous feel I went for quite heavy smokey make-up and also quite shimmery to suit darker skin tones.

Today I went back to London to work with Kiesher (aka lili) again. She was an hour late getting to the photographer house and when I found the address it was not what I was expecting. It was a house not a studio, and he didn't even have a studio in his house! The photographer was a 6'5" rasta lol with loads of gold chains and he was smoking some fat rollies! He was nice enough, made me a tea and then a soco and some fruit juice ( I don't know what). He got pretty pissed off that Kiesher was late and she was stressed when she arrived and I felt rushed so it ended up not being that enjoyable.

We will wait and see what photos come out of this...

So now I'm on my way back from london, its pretty late and I'm pretty tired so ciao for now

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Bubblicious and Maydaz

A post to update you about my weekend.


I worked with model/dancer/performer Tipsy Dee on a shoot for Bubblicious magazine. The photos are also being used for the modelling agency that she runs and for nightclub flyers. It was a really good experience because I had a really short amount of time to work on each model so it was a challenge and I get a real adrenalinerush in cicumstances like these. It was a good opportunity to work on darker skin tones as well. Photos to coming soon......


Saturday was so much fun and this is definately the kind of work I would like to be doing in the future. I worked as a make-up artist on a music video for 'Maydaz'. The track is called Afro Funky and the vibes were all about fun, funkiness, bright colours and dancing. I like the pace that you have to work at on music videos; you're always busy and being on set is really exciting. It was a great day to network as there was loads of people from the filming/music/modelling industry.

Here is a make-up design from the shoot. I designed this look because I think violets and pinks really suit darker skin tones. The track title was Afro Funky so I wanted to do something quite creative.

Thursday, 11 February 2010


Since this is my first post I thought I should tell you a little bit about my self...
- I have been fascinated with hair and make-up since a young age; which has resulted in some good and bad experiences!
-Decided to persue fine art at college to get to make-up rather than through beauty therapy. I did this because make-up is art to me; it's part of your identity and I like the idea of using mixed media and new ways of expressing yourself rather than using conventional make-up to make someone look beautiful. Whilst at college I focused on the human body and identity by using 3D Design, photography and make-up
-In 2007 I started the Hair and Make-up Design course at Southampton Solent University. I have come such a long way since starting this course and now I am in my final year and about to embark upon my career as a make-up artist.

Here are a few images from my portfolio...

Sorry I find it hard to limit myself! This is just a handful of images. I want to improve by having a selection of published work by the end of this project.

I'll tell you a little bit about my first job as well; I recently met up with lead singer from band LiLi to do a make-up trial for her. Kiesher [LiLi] wants someone to work with her over a period of time to develop a unique look that goes with the bands ethos.

Here are a couple of designs.