Friday, 26 February 2010

This industry is a let down!

I know I get some great opportunities but it get some really knock backs as well!

I've had three recently.. The first being a shopping channel that sells jewellery. They asked me to go and do make-up and then cancelled on the day due to family problems. The second is for DISORDER Magazine; the fashion editor has postponed twice now due to 'family problems' haha. The third fail is from Boots magazine. I've been working with Kiesher AKA LiLi which is meant to be an ongoing project and she asked me to do the make-up for an interview she was doing for Boots magazine and I said yes obviously, but then the night before she called and said I couldn't do it! She had obviously showed them the work we have been doing together and they thought it was too over the top and it wouldn't suit the magazine. Thats fair enough but thats what Kiesher asked me to do.. I can do natural make-up as well! So all in all I am not feeling too positive right now.

I did however work on an awesome shoot yesterday. I did the make-up for a fantasy story book shoot being put together by Kate Moss, modelled by Emily Giles, photographed by Ellie Harvey. This particular story was Sleeping Beauty and the atyling and set was really dreamlike and beautiful. Reminded me of the Vera Wang Princess TV ad and also Nick Knight's 'Sleep' project, where he filmed 9 top models 'unconcious fashion performances'.

Here is my make-up design...

love love love these images!

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