Thursday, 11 February 2010


Since this is my first post I thought I should tell you a little bit about my self...
- I have been fascinated with hair and make-up since a young age; which has resulted in some good and bad experiences!
-Decided to persue fine art at college to get to make-up rather than through beauty therapy. I did this because make-up is art to me; it's part of your identity and I like the idea of using mixed media and new ways of expressing yourself rather than using conventional make-up to make someone look beautiful. Whilst at college I focused on the human body and identity by using 3D Design, photography and make-up
-In 2007 I started the Hair and Make-up Design course at Southampton Solent University. I have come such a long way since starting this course and now I am in my final year and about to embark upon my career as a make-up artist.

Here are a few images from my portfolio...

Sorry I find it hard to limit myself! This is just a handful of images. I want to improve by having a selection of published work by the end of this project.

I'll tell you a little bit about my first job as well; I recently met up with lead singer from band LiLi to do a make-up trial for her. Kiesher [LiLi] wants someone to work with her over a period of time to develop a unique look that goes with the bands ethos.

Here are a couple of designs.

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