Thursday, 11 March 2010

I wish I could be in four places at once...

A few weeks ago I had so much going on. I was going to London loads working on various projects and now everything has gone a bit dry! I am aware this happens in the industry and you just have to keep being persistant to get more work. Over the last couple of weeks though I have really been thinking about my life after uni. I've been thinking about getting a full time/part time job whilst I still try and work freelance... Possible jobs I could do/want to do

-Double Take Studios (location Southampton)
I have sent a CV to DT, I imagine that a lot of the girls will be leaving after completing uni and since I love Southampton so much why not stay here for a little longer and work here.

-John Lewis/Debenhams
I wouldn't really mind working on a make-up counter. It could end up quite tedious I suppose though and it is 90% sales . I am meant to have a job interview with FAKE BAKE to be a demonstrator in John Lewis. It's quite good money but obviously nothing to do with make-up. One problem though the job interview is Tuesday and I have lots of other things going on then. Which I will get to in a minute as it's a bloody nightmare!!

-Smashbox Cosmetics
Smashbox are coming to Debenhams (unfortunately not Soton yet) and I have applied for a role as a make-up artist with them. Note the role is 'make-up artist' and not retail advisor or something like that. Closing date isn't til the end of April though so I have ages yet til possibly even hearing a reply. With this job being in Basingstoke as well it would be possible to travel from Southampton or if I was to move to Basingstoke it is even closer to London which is a plus!

-Whilst having a little browse on Gumtree jobs I came across two absolute gems! The first being a position at SCREENFACE Notting Hill! I applied immediately thinking I would never hear back off of them and I did. They asked if I would be relocating to London and I said I had plans in process. The second job was to work at a fancy spa in central london doing make-up for brides and special occasions but they also asked if I was relocating. This job is only two days a week- fri and sat- and it wouldn't be a problem for me to travl to London on a Friday, stay at a friends Friday night, work Saturday and come back to Soton, it's pretty much what I do every week anyway! Theyve asked to see some images of my work and that was last night so I'm still hoping to hear from them soon as it's a great opportunity.

-My final idea/plan/last resort and the moment is to go back home. I live 20 mins from Birmingham where there is a MAC pro store, Selfrdiges(Illamasqua!!!), Debenhams, House of Frasier etc etc.

So we shall see what happens. Fingers crossed I land something!

Going back to my NIGHTMARE OF A DAY which is Tuesday...

I've made a right mess of things! Firstly I agreed to work on Rocks TV, I've mentioned these before in my industry is a let down post.. Well we rearranged for me to do a shoot for them to go out with their Easter emails. Then I got the interview with Fake Bake and then at the weekend I recieved a pretty sweet email asking me to do the make-up on a shoot for Lime Crime. If you don't know who they are then a way to describe them is kind of like the American version of Barry M.. very bright and crazy... The clothing being used in the shoot is designed by Emma Bell which is being provided by her creative director and fashion eeditor of Notion magazine Alexis Knox. Funnily enough I've tried to get in contact with Knox before through my housemate who knows her from their home town Oxford. I have decied I really want to work on the Lime Crime shoot.. obviously!! haha. To top it off I have recieved an email from uni today saying we have to attend an important meeting on Tuesday. If it was possible to be in four places at once I would!



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