Monday, 17 May 2010


I have spent today running a workshop for the hair and make-up artists for the Graduate Fashion Show. I have made step by step guides for the MUAs as well as face charts to help them with the looks. What I did today was demonstrate the looks and then allowed them to do it and then correcting any mistakes, told them their strong points and where they need to improve. There wasn't any passion within the group though. I don't think theyre taking this as seriously as they need to. Obviously it is really important to me as the designer because I need to make a great impression for Illamasqua. i can't help but feel overwhelmed from the stress of it all though. I am trying my hardest to deliver and it seems nothing I do is good enough in the eyes of my lecturers. I am so jealous that all my course mates have finished uni and I still have this project lingering about. We only managed to do two of the looks today. They were the most technical looks and I'm thinking it may have been a mistake to do these first as the students struggled with the looks and I think they may be afeeling a bit scared now. The looks I am going to do tomorrow are much easier. This is the make-up that I did today...

I just hope the standard improves tomorrow. I think I need to be a lot harsher. I am a bit nice. Just a few more days and it will all be over. I don't want my stress to effect the students. I need to stay positive in order to keep a happy ambiance. It is meant to be fun as well. Whos wants to do a fashion show that is 9 hours of complete hell. I am doing this for me. No one else.

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